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The Principle of Reciprocity

Written by Aimee Lary, Illustrated by

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Scholars believe the Principles of MA'AT (muh-aht) are the world's oldest moral and ethical code for human conduct. When Kemet (Modern Day Egypt) was at its greatest economic and spiritual heights, it was this concept that governed the lives and daily affairs of her citizens. Journey with Melanin Origins as we share a short story about The Principle of Reciprocity. More than a mere "what goes around comes around", the notion speaks to cause and effect; it speaks of actions, consequences, and rewards that effect the state of an entire community.

 Melanin Origins MA'AT Series teaches the Seven Principles of MA'AT which breed balance, responsibility, and union with one's self, one's community, and one's relationship with one's Creator. Suitable for children in Second Grade and below.

Customer Reviews

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Crayton, C.

Aimee Lary, you have yet again published another AWESOME book! This book shows the way to treat people no matter what. I believe this book should be read in EVERY household! We need more authors like you!

Kudos to the Author….

Once again, Author Aimee Lary has captured our hearts with another Great Read. Reciprocity, so aptly titled, reminds the reader of life’s greatest tenet, Consequences. Very kid friendly and heart felt. This book should be in every household….

Victoria Sanchez
Such a great book!!

This is such a great book! I really loved how the pictures really came to life with the words in this book. The true meaning behind this book is awesome and is really what kids are going through right now in life, which is what I loved about it the most!

Amazing Story

I absolutely loved reading this book to my daughter. It teaches a great character trait that we each should carry out in our daily lives. This book definitely has this mom’s approval!

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Wonderful Story

My daughter absolutely love this book. Great storyline with beautiful and colorful pictures.