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Free Shipping on All Orders + 23% Off When You Order 3 or More
Free Shipping on All Orders + 23% Off When You Order 3 or More

To Our Authors & Illustrators, Melanin Origins Is Yours

Melanin Origins: A Black-Owned Children’s Book Publisher

Melanin Origins: A Black-Owned Children’s Book Publisher

I’m Louie T. McClain II, CEO of Melanin Origins. We have good news! Our company is expanding. Opportunities multiply. Since 2016, the true history of Black success stirred the imagination of tens of thousands of Black children across the country. We’re overjoyed at our good fortune and success. Whose success is it, though?

What “written by Black authors” means

We belong to the writers, illustrators, and editors. Melanin Origins is yours. I cannot say how grateful I am to you. Fortunately, it's writers like you who have the gift to say a big thing in a simple way.

How to succeed in self-publishing

If you’re wondering how to publish a children’s book, Melanin Origins can help. We connect our authors with experienced editors, cutting-edge marketing, and a broad network of retail distributors and educators—and that’s just the beginning.

View our list of quality illustrators and give us a call today. Let’s talk about your ideas, and how we can help publish your book. We may just change the world together.

Louie T. McClain II, Founder & CEO

Let's Talk About Your Book

Its Time To Publish Your Children's Book

Melanin Origins offers a wide range of services and transparent pricing. Our goal is to make the process easy for first-time authors.

Our Publishing Services

  • Melanin Origins offers physical and digital book publication and pre-publishing support and consultation.
  • Experienced illustrators create your book cover art & up to 32 pages of imaginative illustrations.
  • Our editorial staff examines your manuscript for errors in spelling, usage, and grammar.
  • All authors receive 30 days of free promotion on and our social media channels, as well as an additional 30 days of free consultation after publication.
  • Our outreach team presents your published book to a wide network of 30,000 retailers, schools, & libraries.
  • ISBN Generation: For Hard Cover, Soft Cover, and E-Book Formats
  • ISBN Barcode Generation: For Hard and Soft Cover Formats
  • Title Set-Up: For E-Book, Hard Cover, and Soft Cover Formats
  • Custom Design & Formatting
  • Submission for Professional Book Reviews
  • Library of Congress Cataloging in Publishing Data
  • Marketing Coaching & Target Audience Identification
  • Free Book Copies: 100 Chapter Book and 20 Children’s Book Copies

Our Pricing

Melanin Origins charges the following rates for full-service publishing in all formats.

  • Children’s Books (All Services Included) - $4,999
  • Chapter Books (All Services Included) - $3,499

Give our team a call with any questions about the publishing process or our services.

Additional Services

Avoid Publishing & Marketing Pitfalls

We recommended two one hour sessions. The first is a structured consultation on the ins and outs of book publishing. The second is a primer on the fundamentals of marketing and advertising.

  • Publishing 101 - $65 Per Hour
  • Foundations of Marketing - $65 Per Hour
  • Illustrations - $75 Per Page
  • Book Formatting - $75 Per Format

Editing & Proofreading

  • Children’s Books - $150
  • Young Adult - $250
  • Expanded Young Adult - $250
    • $30 per hour after the first 99 pages
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What Our Authors Say

What Our Authors Say

“As an author new to the industry, you rely on your publisher to provide guidance and hold your hand through the process of taking your idea to the shelves. Trust is crucial.

I worked with Melanin Origins to produce my second book in the Bella series, Numbers with Bella.

Melanin Origins provided a personal service and went above and beyond to deliver a product that I was happy with. In moments where I needed clarity they sought to provide this for me - no matter how big or small.

In moments of doubt, they were my support and continued assurance. Service always with a smile, a generous sprinkling of patience, and an un-ending excitement for my project.

Melanin Origins are so much more than a publisher.”

- Lorraine O'Garro, Author, Numbers with Bella

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