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Free Shipping on All Orders + 23% Off When You Order 3 or More
Free Shipping on All Orders + 23% Off When You Order 3 or More

Offering Educators Children’s Books & Lesson Plans Highlighting the Black Experience

Books Matter In Black Education

Books Matter In Black Education

Hi, I’m Louie, and I used to think Black stories were “forgotten.” I was wrong. They were blacklisted.

But the tide is changing. Organizations like yours can access real, authentic Black children’s literature written and illustrated by Black authors.

Here’s how we’re making it easier for organizations to find materials that work for their goals:

We’re giving educators like you a free book, brochure, and catalog. It’s a way to touch these important materials and see how the books and lessons work together to inspire and educate the Black youth in your care.

Every Black child deserves to see themselves in the books they read. So let’s teach our children the reading skills and cultural awareness to succeed in this century.

- Louie T. McClain II

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Black Children’s Books
Bundles, Lessons Plans, & Curriculum

Black History Books For Kids

Engage children with exciting stories and vivid illustrations of Black history as seen through the eyes of the Black American visionaries—whose accomplishments shaped the world we live in today.

  • Highlights Black success in STEM, business, scholarship, journalism, service, and activism.
  • Features a gender-diverse group of historical figures
  • Order in bulk with lesson plans (Pre-K – 1st)

Our Black History Books show Black children that success is possible, no matter the odds. It’s all about creating the kind of positive self-image Black children need to live as confident and powerful adults.

MA’AT Books: Ancient Wisdom for Today

Explore the exciting and colorful world of Ancient Egypt where children learn why being a good citizen helps them and their community succeed.

  • Teaches fairness, justice, and good behavior with exciting, engaging stories.
  • Features a colorful cast of happy hippos, proud Pharaohs, and princesses turned detectives.
  • Order in bulk with lesson plans (Pre-K – 1st)

MA’AT (“order”) is an ancient Egyptian ethical code with seven principles that show Black children how to thrive in their community and treat others with respect. Introduce children to the birthplace of Black culture and greatness.

Bible Books for Black Churches

Inspire future generations of Black christians to love God and connect to the Gospel, culturally and spiritually. It starts with making the bible relatable to Black children.

  • Gives Black children a chance to see themselves in their faith.
  • Adds relatable and simple lessons to traditional bible stories.
  • Order books in bulk with lesson plans (Pre-K – 1st)

Our All-in-All Series shows biblical figures like Abraham and Elijah as they discover what it means to obey God’s word and live by his teachings—and it’s made for kids.

Three Reasons to Choose Melanin Origins

  1. Lesson Plans That Make Sense - Our goal is to give educators and facilitators of all backgrounds the tools to teach each book in a meaningful way.
  2. Competitive Pricing & Flexible Order Sizes - Affordability is a concern for many organizations. That’s why we keep our administrative costs low and pass the savings on to you. Access is our priority.
  3. Hear Authentic Voices - It’s simple. We provide Black children’s books written by Black authors highlighting the Black experience.
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What “Written by Black Authors” Means

What “Written by Black Authors” Means

“I worked with Melanin Origins to produce my second book in the Bella series, Numbers with Bella.

In moments of doubt, they were my support and continued assurance—service always with a smile, a generous sprinkling of patience, and an un-ending excitement for my project.

Melanin Origins are so much more than a publisher.”

- Lorraine O'Garro, Author, Numbers with Bella

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