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Free Shipping on All Orders + 23% Off When You Order 3 or More

The Meditative Coach

successfully spearhead your next initiative


Meet Louie T. McClain II

Melanin Origins’ Founder & CEO is Louie T. McClain II, The Meditative Coach, an empowerment coach who combines mindset philosophy with fundamental business practices, giving clients the ability to achieve their economic and interpersonal goals.

His passion began with publishing and marketing coaching, but his mission grew to helping clients identify & attain results in their passion and purpose so that they may manifest the life they’ve always desired.

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How to successfully spearhead your next initiative:

Fundamental Business Strategies
Emotional Intelligence

We are here to help.

We have two Game Plans to help you bring your next initiative into fulfillment.

The Practical Game Plan

The Practical Game Plan serves clients whose primary desire is to obtain the business knowledge needed to reach their next goal.  Within six weeks the client will be equipped with the fundamentals and niche strategies to capitalize on their venture.

Price: $569

The Mindfulness Game Plan

The Mindfulness Game Plan walks clients through a twelve-week process designed to identify and remove internal blocks that often tend to blindside them, unknowingly, and hinder them from goal attainment.

Price: $1,425

Upon completion of either Game Plan, the client will possess their business plan, a network of professionals able and willing to further propel them in business, and the tools to confidently affirm their worth in the business world.

In addition to that, The Meditative Coach hosts vision board creation events, affirmation circles, and community masterminds three times a month.


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Louie T. McClain II is a successful activist, philanthropist, and business leader with a lifetime of experience solving issues and finding solutions. His combination of vivid storytelling and practical advice inspire people, teams, and organizations to confront impossible challenges and succeed.

Louie, The Meditative Coach, is the CEO of Melanin Origins, a thriving black-owned children’s book publishing company. He attended Pensacola Christian College in 2004, settled on criminal justice as a degree path, and found a new relationship with God. Graduating with a B.S. in Criminal Justice, McClain had become a student of the system he intended to reform.

While volunteering with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Louie found promising young people, mostly black, brown, and poor children, caught in a system of neglect and dysfunction. Kids were arrested and jailed for minor violations, and they were falling behind in school.

That’s when The Meditative Coach got to work. Because juvenile offenders were more likely to skip school than their peers, that meant jail time instead of class time. Louie proposed a solution: making tutoring a court-ordered sanction. Kids would still face consequences for missing school, but the consequences were more learning, not jail time.

The idea was a success and implemented by county judges and probation officers.

With fresh perspectives on advocacy and leadership, The Meditative Coach shows how creative problem-solving works and why your team needs a new set of cognitive tools to compete and win in the future. Feel free to reach out and tell The Meditative Coach how he can help.