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Lenny Williams

Lenny Williams

Lenny Williams, Author of "Education Is Power"

Lenny Williams was born on April 9, 1994. He grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and still resides there today. In 2014 he started working on his first writing project, setting up a plan to become an author and a director.

In 2015 he released his very first book titled Dreaming Their Way Out: A children's book about seven orphans finding a way to escape an orphanage and head to a magical island where they can enjoy their childhood.

That same year he directed & released his very first film titled What Is Life?: A documentary about young college students figuring who they are and where they fit in life.

Today Lenny is the author of several books, and he is also the CEO of Lenny's Imagination.

Lenny's Imagination is an inventive company known for creating epic fantasy children's books and novels that people all over the world can relate to. In the future, Lenny eventually plans to create the following: animation films, comedy films, horror films, video games, and a theme park for millions to enjoy!

He loves dancing, jogging, meditating, watching football, studying films, and playing video games.

Studying the beauty of science, nature, and spirituality inspires him to write the magical stories he comes up with.

He says that his experience with Melanin Origins has been life changing and an ultimate blessing. Melanin Origins has taught Lenny the importance of business, advertising, traveling, and persistence. He will forever be grateful for M.O. because of that.

Social Media:
Instagram: lennys_imagination
Twitter: lennysimagnat1
Facebook: Lenny's Imagination
Tiktok: lennytv1

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